Thanksgiving Day
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    I thought I would be able to bump a previous Discussion
    but we do not have one. So ...

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    And if there was music at your parish,
    perhaps tell us what you played/sang/heard.
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    The best Thanksgiving to our friends in Richmond and El Cerrito.

    Ordinary: Santa Clara Mass, B.Hurd
    Ps. Alstott
    Comm.: COME, YE THANKFUL PEOPLE, COME Harvest home
    Rec.: NOW THANK WE..... Nun danket
  • Happy Thanksgiving to All Californians and Non-Californians!
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    First sung Mass in several years. Instead of reviving Moe Greene's Thou visitest the earth, I tried to learn how slow Wood's Oculi omnium was capable of being sung: a very lovely piece (and that complement from a recovering anglophobe!) Not the usual Sunday crowd: biggest surprise was the stampede for the exits in the middle of America the Beautiful.
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  • We did:
    Now Thank We All Our God
    Respond and Acclaim Psalm
    Alleluia Mode VI
    Simple Gifts Instrumental
    For the Beauty of the Earth

  • Did anyone not use a Lutheran standby?
  • Not the usual Sunday crowd: biggest surprise was the stampede for the exits in the middle of America the Beautiful.

    In my town they'de all be lighting sparklers by the time we got to the third verse.
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    Missa super Pilons Pilons L'orge, Lassus
    Bartlett propers for Thanksgiving Day
    Jubilate Deo, Lassus
    Jesu the Very Thought of Thee, Bairstow
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    If you're in Phoenix for Thanksgiving 2017, come join us.
    1633 x 899 - 850K
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    We'll be doing, courtesy of CPDL,
    Submit yourselves one to another by John Sheppard, an excerpt of Ephesians 5 which is actually the prescribed Introit[!] for Thanksgiving Day USA
    Sing praises to the Lord by William Billings, an anthem composed for Thanksgiving Day
    O praise the Lord of heaven, another piece by Billings, this one based on Psalm 148, whose text Billings expanded by adding his own lyrics about dragons and stuff. (We'll be expurgating those portions from what is otherwise a very nice piece.)
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  • What???
    You are 'expurgating' the dragons and 'stuff'???
    How unkind.
    Poor dragons!
    You aren't thankful for them???

    Here's this, from...
    Benedicite omnia opera Domini -
    O ye dragons and all deep, praise ye the Lord.
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  • You are 'expurgating' the dragons and 'stuff'???

    Please tell me you're doing this St. Martha style.
  • I love dragons! Why remove them?
  • Happy Thanksgiving, all! :)
  • Anyone celebrating the Memorial of St. Cecilia on Thanksgiving Day this year? Are there any available settings of the Responsorial Psalm (Psalm 149)?
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    We will have a Sung Mass,

    Probably Mass II
    the Motets will be the Office Hymns of St. Caecilia
    will update with actual music later.
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    Bumping from another thread ... A Hymn for St Cecilia (words by Ursula Vaughan Williams, music by me). Dedicated to the Choral Public Domain Library (on the occasion of its 20th anniversary).

    Score, sound file, and instrumental parts are published at CPDL.
    And here is a Dropbox link to the score, sound file, and instrumental parts, as well as the hymnal setting. Feel free to download the score and sound file and sing along (with many others) on Thursday, 22nd November, both Thanksgiving Day (in the U.S.) and St Cecilia's Day.

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