Help CMAA with your Black Friday purchases
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    ... or anytime. The "Amazon Smile" program lets you designate a charitable organization to help with a little donation based on your purchases at the on-line store. If you'd like to choose CMAA, just click on this graphic:
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  • I'm glad it's not just for Black Friday. I don't do Black Friday.
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  • Was it Black Friday in, um, XIXth century Russia?
  • Jackson,

    It's not that, but rather that I find I have many more important things to do than fight with other people while I fall prey (along with them) to the notion that "He who dies with the most toys, wins".
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    the notion that "He who dies with the most toys, wins".

    What about the notion "She who buys the coolest toys at the best discount wins?"

    Just kidding - - Black Friday is not worth the aggravation for me. Besides - - wouldn't the Amazon Smile program apply more to Cyber Monday rather than Black Friday? : )
  • Black Friday always sounds to me like the tag of some infamous massacre in some infamous place: Black Friday - sort of like the Sicilian Vespers or the Massacre of St Bartholomew's Day, etc.
    I suppose that one could say that Black Friday is the massacre of the True Christmas Spirit.
    It is certainly the massacre of Advent, which might be said to be the womb of Christmas.

    Speaking of The True Christmas Spirit,
    I often note that those who would leave Christ out of Christmas are left with mas(s), which they would probably like even less.
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  • Just imagine!
    If all our Christian folk would boycott Black Friday on general principles and in devotion to the Profound Spirit of Advent - well, then, Black Friday might become Red Friday. It would serve the philistines right.
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    Ok, ok, but surely the point of the post is to please use this link?
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    I did not know that CMAA was able to be supported by Amazon Smile. I have supported the Kidney Cancer Foundation for a number of years (being a kidney cancer survivor), and will definitely consider changing to the CMAA.
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    The difference is, the Kidney Cancer Foundation will accept donations gratefully. At CMAA the members will bitch and moan because it wasn't done that way in the 15th century and the donors did not have the requisite purity of intention as defined by Trent.

  • And, Charles, some will certainly question testily whether it was done in nineteenth century Russia.
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    There was no internet in either century, Jackson. Neither Amazon, nor online shopping prevailed. One had to trek through the snow to get to Vladimir the Short who ran a fish market in Moscow.
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    Thanks, Charles! I needed that chuckle!
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