IMSLP & Naxos
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    Those who use IMSLP frequently or at least periodically are aware of the wait time for non-subscribers. Most, I would guess, are willing to wait a few extra seconds for their score rather than pay the measly $22/year for membership.

    However, many are not aware that IMSLP membership includes full access to the Naxos Music Library. This is an enormous wealth of recorded music, including sacred music from chant on to the present.

    I use IMSLP extremely frequently, so it was already worth it for me to pay the membership, but all the more so when I discovered Naxos access. It is also more convenient to access anywhere compared to when I was associated with a university requiring a special login off-campus for Naxos. So I highly recommend IMSLP membership not only on its own merits for this worthy project, but for the added benefit of access to Naxos.
  • How does that work out - isn't Naxos alone much more expensive than $22/year?

    If this does work, that's great. I use IMSLP a lot and would love to have Naxos too...
  • Update: The subscription page from Naxos:

    Lists $210 as the cheapest annual option.
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    I don't understand how it works out for them financially, but it's true. I use my IMSLP membership to access Naxos. You have to go through this page.
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  • Just bumping this post because I signed up and it worked. I have no idea why this works, but Naxos for $22 a year is an amazing deal! I hope some others can take advantage of this...
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    Darn, I have to renew my imslp, already.
    Is the naxos bit still working for 2017?
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    It is indeed!
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    I'm glad someone put this up here! I found this out by accident around Thanksgiving and forgot to post here. It is an absolute steal! I had been paying for NML but really couldn't justify it anymore with our family's income. However, this is a game changer!
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    I finally decided to try the membership. It is most definitely worth it! Naxos very frequently adds new albums, and you can make playlists (although you need a separate login--a little tedious). Search for a composer or performer and you can see an alphabetical list of all available pieces. For some albums you can even read the booklet!
  • BruceL
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    Bumping. It's now integrated "seamlessly" into IMSLP.

    Anyone found a quick way to "browse" or navigate? It's listed by individual work now, which takes forever to go through...
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    Too bad you can't mail them a check for membership. I tend to be very careful about credit card info and such over the Internet and don't use it unless I have to.
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    I think various stores sell Visa cards you can load.
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    That could work for one time sign-up, but the automatic renewal wouldn't work.
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    We finally joined the 21st century and now order online with a credit card that has a purposely low maximum and only use it for online ordering. Now we can order online pdf sheet music for home printing without worrying too much.
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    I'm not sure everyone got the point: if you want stand-alone NML membership, it's like $200/year. The way the IMSLP/Naxos deal USED to work, you got it all for $23/year. Now, it's still available, but just very convoluted to find the recordings.
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  • I never stream music at home, but would love to buy a portable radio that runs on 4G cellular signal that I could use at work to play the Naxos library of Early Music. Not something that is Bluetooth requiring my phone receive the music and then wirelessly send to the device. Does anyone know of a radio-like device that I could buy a separate cellular data subscription for and use directly to stream and play internet-sourced music through a good speaker? It would be such a relief from the vulgar and illiterate (musically and linguistically) rap "music" I am constantly subjected to on the construction sites where I work. And of course I would LOVE to delve into that Naxos library, since I am already a little familiar with it through a few dozen Naxos CDs I have of early music.
  • @BruceL I see what you mean. It seems now you can only search for a specific work on IMSLP and if there is a recording of that work on Naxos you can listen to it, but I can't figure out a way to listen to an entire Album of music--just one work at a time. I used to be able to search/browse though the actual CDs. Also, the login that IMSLP gave me for the Naxos app no longer works. I guess it was too good to last. Now I'd really like a full Naxos membership, but can't afford it.