Your favorite organization for octavos
  • In boxes/cabinets by liturgical use or season, and then within the cabinets or boxes, alphabetically.
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  • Earl_GreyEarl_Grey
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    I was disappointed with the GIA boxes. Especially the detachable lid.

    I then switched to jwpepper, which I found more durable.

    The other two look good, but I haven't tried them.
  • MarkS
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    2nd the vote for the JW Pepper boxes! Durable and attractive, and Pepper is so easy to deal with. Currently reorganizing my present church's library, which goes back a ways. The stuff we might actually sing is going into boxes on shelves; the 'historical' archives (badly dated stuff) will remain in file cabinets—probably until the end of time.
  • Gamble's file boxes.
    Gamble's faux leather choir folders with brass sheathed corners -
    they are very durable, fine looking, and have two pockets - one for repertory in rehearsal and one for Sunday's music.
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  • a_f_hawkins
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    Unfortunately Gamble's website finds the folders with the word 'closeout' before it, and following the link says 'there are no products in this category'.
  • We used to use Gamble and now use JW Pepper ones. Our octavos are all arranged chronologically by date purchases, then we have an alphabetical list of the whole collection posted right next to it.