Sacred Music Competition for Irish Composers
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    An announcement came in to CMAA yesterday, and I'll summarize it here:

    The Centenary of the consecration of St. Colman’s Cathedral will be celebrated in 2019. For the occasion of the Centenary, the Diocese of Cloyne is holding a Sacred Music Competition for Irish composers for a Setting of the Mass. While we are seeking the highest level of craft and musical expression, we are also concerned with Mass settings that are viable in all parishes. As such, the Mass should be within the ability of all our church choirs and congregations.

    The first major performance will be in August 2019 to coincide with the centenary of the Cathedral and rededication of the restored pipe organ. It is anticipated that the winner of the competition will be announced in June 2018 in order that publishing and printing will be completed not later than August that year. This is so that the Mass can be introduced to every parish in the diocese beginning in September 2018.

    A fuller description of the competition, with the submission procedures and deadlines, is attached.
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