Communio verses from the Graduale Romanum
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    I recently purchased a Graduale Romanum for the purposes of singing the propers of the mass in the novus ordo at my parish. For those who also use this book, I was wondering if you knew where I could find the verses which can be added to the communio chant. For example, the communio for the 27th Sunday of the Year has "In Salutari Tuo" written as the communio and says that verses from psalm 118 can be added. Where can these, and their relevant psalm tones, be found in the Graduale itself?


    P.S. I am aware of the Communio book published by the CMAA but wanted to see if these psalms were accessible in the Graduale itself for the sake of efficiency.
  • No, the Graduale Romanum only has references to the psalm verses that can be sung with the antiphon, but it doesn't contain the actual text of the verses. The only psalms that can be found in the Graduale are listed in the Index, p. 903-904.
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    Your best bet is the cmaa book.
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  • Though, be aware that for the EF, the proper book for the psalm verses is rather this one, which uses the traditional "Gallican" version of the psalms.
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  • Interesting. The EF I attend and sing at on occasion use the CMAA Communio books and sing both the communio and the psalm verses.

    Is there a difference between the psalm verses in the CMAA book and the 1962 Versus Psalmorum and Canticorum?
  • The difference would be the Latin Psalm translation: Vulgata Clementina in de 1962 book and Nova Vulgata in the CMAA book.

    The selected verses also differ.
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    The 1974 Graduale would have to become a fatter book if it were to contain all those verses written out in the various tones to be used.

    If it's any help, the CMAA web site has the Communio materials available as individual PDF sheets for download.
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