Who's going to the Winter Sacred Music 2017?
  • I was thinking I might go, if school doesn't get in the way. What's it like? I see it is shorter so that might be easier for me.
  • The Winter Sacred Music is similar in many ways to a Colloquium, in that participants sing both chant and polyphony during the week, but the number of participants and faculty are scaled back. We had about 75 or so last year in Houston and expect a similar number in Birmingham...

    It has been scheduled in such a way as to try to make it possible for those in colleges or seminaries or with school responsibilities to attend... The folks in Birmingham have been wonderful to work with... it will be a great program! I hope you'll join us.

    I hope to be posting information about the repertory very soon...
  • BruceL
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    Also, if anyone has specific questions ("Will I be able to understand the locals there?" "Does anyone really worship anything there other than Alabama football?" "What is this crazy white barbeque sauce?") I'm happy to answer them on here, or you can email me at ludwick (at) stpaulsbhm (dot) org. We are thrilled to be hosting and think it will be a great place to learn, worship, and get away from the chill of Winter for a few days!
  • Turns out it is right during the winter break for me so there is a good chance that I could come.