Ward Method Discussion
  • janetgorbitzjanetgorbitz
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    After our first-ever Ward course at Duquesne University, I would love to hear more feedback from the participants and also comments from others who are either using the method or would like to learn more about it.
  • jgirodjgirod
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    Hello, Janet,
    although I did not attend this one, I felt it was a wonderful idea.

    I attended the Ward 1 training in France in 1995 and managed to teach 3 children about 10-year old on a weekly basis (on Saturdays) for 2 years, but at this rate we only went to chapter 14 before the boys started changing voice.
    Then in the early 2000s I taught 3 children, about 6-year old, 4 times a week in a homeschooling family and covered about the same material in a few months.

    I attended Ward 2 in 1998, but did not complete book 2, so I am longing for a training on the end of book 2 (and may be start book 3). For future teachers' information, book 2 has much fewer new gestures, languages and training techniques than book I, but a lot more material (intonation exercises, rhythm patterns, drills, songs, etc) and the very fundamental auditive rhythmic recognition.