Chant Propers for new Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene
  • Claire H
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    Does anyone have the Propers (specifically, Communion Antiphon) for the new Feast of Saint Mary Magdalene? Need ASAP.

    Thanks for any help!
  • Claire H
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    P.S. Specifically, simple chant setting in English
  • chonakchonak
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    [I hope you don't mind: I've corrected "Solemnity" to "Feast" above to avoid any confusion. --admin]
  • Richard R.
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    Here is a setting of the Communion antiphon as the text appears in the current English Missal. (The Latin chant would be Feci judicium, from the Common of Virgins and Martyrs II.)
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  • Claire H
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    Thanks very much!

  • How nice 'tis to see the psalm set to a Gregorian tone!
  • Why not just use the propers from the GR? It's not a "new" feast .. it's an existing one newly raised to a Feast.
  • marymezzomarymezzo
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    Thanks, Richard! Just found this post today as we're planning what to do for her Mass this week.