Sacred Music summer workshop in Milwaukee, WI - June 23rd
  • WICatholic
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    I hope it is OK I am posting about this. I believe this is something some may have interest in here.

    The non-profit choir group that I help with is hosting a sacred music summer workshop on the 23rd. The director of music at our Parish is the head of this group. She has been really searching out the history of the Church and what She wants, which lead to this summer workshop taking place. Ultimately the goal is to teach the history of our Church in what the EF of the Mass is (as well as celebrating it), in addition to how principles can be applied in the OF of the Mass. Both forms will be celebrated this day, along with sessions on the music of both forms and the overall history of both.

    Originally we had it only open to teens and young adults, but I know since then we have opened it up to all ages since we got a lot of interest from all sorts of age groups.

    I thought I would share this, especially knowing the history of our Archdiocese in regards to celebration of the liturgy. If anyone lives near and would like to attend, all info is located here: It looks like there is a $50 fee, but all three meals will be provided through the day... not to mention a couple wonderful Priests who will be speaking, and beautiful music throughout the day.
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    I just learned that this has been opened to all. The age limit has been removed.