At the CCWatershed Chant Symposium next week?
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    Hello from California, friends.
    I am attending Jeffrey Ostrowski's first chant symposium this weekend and next week in Los Angeles. Because I don't have all addresses for those who also are attending, and for some forum members/composers, I was interested in knowing if anyone wants me to represent their (selective) works at the event, if I'm able.
    I have and thoroughly know the following collections:
    Richard Rice-Choral Communio (not the Simple Choral Gradual)
    John Ainslie-English Proper Chants
    Kevin Allen- Moteta Trium Vocum
    Noel Jones- Catholic Choral Anthology v.1
    Jon Naples- Offertorio
    Peter Kwasniewski- Sacred Choral Works
    Heath Morber- Bread from Heaven
    If any of you above read this, let me know on this thread or in a PM. All I was thinking is that if queried I could give a pretty solid practical review of these works to prospective directors and choristers, sort of impromptu. This is provided JMO and other presenters consent (H. Bucholz, A. Calabrese et al.) If some of you have these folks' email or forum handle addresses, either forward this message to them, or send me those addresses and I'll followup.
    In any case, I'll also provide a synopsis and review of how well this symposium goes out here in the land of.....
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