Source for Requiem Mass in English
  • Is there a Public Domain english setting, by any chance, of the Gregorian chant?
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    Noel, is it in the Anglican Use Gradual? A very good option, although non-PD is Paul Ford's setting in By Flowing Waters. If you have that, use it.
  • Gavin, thanks for the suggestions...the BFW, which we have sufficient books to sing from so PD is not a problem, is a simplified melodic version...I suppose from the Simplex, but I do not have one at hand to look at. I need to get my hands on one to do some introductory chant work.

    Also sitting here on the couch is TAG that I happily purchased from St. James Press a year ago. Well, it says the Mass for the Dead is in volume 2, so I am off to the shelves. This turns out to be very good advice! I was thinking that the Requiem would be printed within a Kyriale and not in TAG, but you are right!!!!!

    Thanks. Between this and the accompaniment from NOH I'm putting together a Requiem Mass that has almost everything sung in English with Latin repeats. Then a Schola of women from the choir will record this to a CD, which the main funeral director has offered to fund (never, never hurts to ask) and will be part of a pre-planning conference that we plan to offer.

    This is to give people a chance to decide between:

    The Schubert Ave Maria, Only a Shadow, The Prayer of St. Francis, On Eagles Wings and other maudlin music that has nothing to do with funerals.

    And Chant of the text of the Mass which gives the true beliefs and expectations.

    Hard decision, eh?

    Anyone happen to be able to give me the Latin text for BFW 519? I have the chant as Adoremus in Aeternum from PBC...but would prefer the Latin of the BFW.

    Also, just discovered that TAG has almsot everything I need....but does not have an English In Paradisum or Luceat Eis....

    TAUG has most of it, but only to psalm tones....
  • don't know about PD but lots available.
  • Here's In paradisum. I cannot find an antiphon in the Gradual that begins with the words "Luceat eis."

    Are you referring to the communion antiphon, "Lux aeterna luceat eis"? If so, you will find it in TAG
  • Dr. Ford,

    Thank you....and yes, I will use the TAG for the Lux Aeterna...the treatment of the text in the Durufle Requiem seems to lock "Luceat Eis" in my brain for the Lux Aeterna...
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    The People's Mass Book has two settings of the Requiem in English - not bad! I'm sure there are many churches like my own that would be willing to part with a few copies of it.
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    frogman: "BFW, [...], is a simplified melodic version...I suppose from the Simplex"

    By Flowing Waters, Introduction page xvii:
    By Flowing Waters includes the entire repertory of the Graduale Simplex

    frogman: "the Latin text for BFW 519?"

    By Flowing Waters # 519:
    In the presence of the angels, * I will sing your praise, my God.

    Graduale Simplex page 412:
    In conspectu * Angelorum psallam tibi, Deus meus.
  • Many thanks!