First Fridays of the Sacred Heart
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    Before the start of this school year a number of parents requested our children be able to attend Mass on First Fridays. Our usual all-school Mass is on Thursdays, so we began having all-school Mass for those weeks on First Fridays, so the students were able to attend 9 consecutive First Fridays.

    Discovering that the "Breaking Bread" contains no music designated for the Sacred Heart, I worked with our school musicians to put together a music program that we used on those Fridays throughout the course of the year. It gave me an opportunity to introduce some more chant and hymns for the Sacred Heart. Here is what we used:

    Entrance Chant: Responsorial Introits, Aristotle Esguerra
    Responsorial Psalm: Parish Book of Psalms, Arlene Oost-Zinner (Accompaniment, Ryan Dingess)
    Offertory Hymn: All Ye Who Seek A Comfort Sure ST. BERNARD (CM) (Accompaniment, Corpus Christi Watershed)
    Communion Hymn: O Heart, Thou Ark That Holds the Law ST. ANNE (SM) (Accompaniment, Corpus Christi Watershed)
    Exposition: Mass concluded with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament which included the singing of O Salutaris DUGUET (LM) and the recitation of the Litany to the Sacred Heart.
    I thought I would share this since we used music that I discovered through this forum. I have attached a copy of the music program and the music for the musicians/choir.

    I also used the opportunity to teach our children about devotion to the Sacred Heart. Here is a link to a playlist of videos I made out of my homilies. Some music recordings are included there as well.
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    Thanks for including the accompaniment from my since-abandoned project.

    The stuff I was writing at that time was usually meant to be manuals-only or piano, where the inversions resonate a little differently. (Same for the SEP books, which I would completely re-write, except that there are better vernacular propers now and its not worth the effort).

    I don't know what your parish's instrument(s) are, but if you're doing this on organ with pedal bass, this is a better accompaniment.
  • Father,

    Do you know the short (as in: one note per syllable, practically) chant, Cor Jesu Sacratissimum, miserere nobis?

    It would serve excellently during the distribution of Holy Communion