Dunstable "Quam pulchra Es"
  • Is there a liturgical use for John Dunstable's motet "Quam pulchra es"? The text is from Song of Solomon 7: 4-12. It is not an easy piece, but it is only three voices, and would provide great material for a choir to sink its teeth into. Yet, I am not sure it would be suitable for Mass. Thoughts?
  • Annabel
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    a nuptial Mass
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  • Just don't include a translation of the Latin. XD
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  • Well, having three voices sing it at a wedding would be great!

    Not giving the text would be especially suspicious if your parish already had the habit of giving the translation. "I wonder why they didn't give the translation... Let me look it up in my Bible... oh, my!" :)
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    Bumping this because it's a great piece and I was wondering the same thing. A while back I made a rough contrafactum using Psalm 3 in Latin, but another psalm might work. I wanted to teach it to some of my friends, but we never got around to it. I suppose with a different text it might be good for several occasions, but especially Easter- or Christmastide in my opinion.