Psalterium, Roman Use ca 1609
  • Can anyone help? I need to get hold of what will probably be called something like Psalterium Davidicum per hebdomadam dispositum for Roman use, as near 1609 as possible. It could just be that one of our friends has something, although the existence of a scan of microfilm I might access is less likely... I should explain that I have the corresponding book of 1609 for the use of St Mark's, Venice and need a standard Roman one for comparison. This is all, of course, to do with the Croce Edition, which is taking shape nicely - see - and I am looking forward to working on the Croce issue of the journal this year!

    Best wishes to all our colleagues


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  • Michael,

    Great to see you here. I've been a fan of your editions over the years. Do you suspect that the psalms in such a volume would differ substantially from what is in the modern Liber usualis (which is essentially the Roman psalm tone formulas)? I realize that Venice is ALWAYS different. If you are not in a great hurry, I will be at the Vatican library in May and might be able to consult such a volume during my stay.