Televised Mass for shut-ins features recessional hymn to Gaia
  • A hymn also used in this ceremony:

    Includes Lyrics!

    Maybe they wanted to prove that Catholic initiation is in fact adequate to "baby girls who would like to live and grow on the earth?"
  • CharlesW
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    Kooks are everywhere and I am sad our northern neighbors are also having to contend with them. It sounds like some muddle-headed clergy need some good old fashioned butt kicking.
  • VilyanorVilyanor
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    who would like to live and grow on the earth. Among other things, it lacks connection to the earth and soil.

    Are we talking about female infants or a crop of brussels sprouts?

    What are you? What am I? Intersecting cycles of water, earth, air and fire, that’s what I am, that’s what you are.

    Someone's about 4000 years behind the latest scientific research. Probably explains the Gaia fixation. That's about the last time people took that goddess seriously.
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  • eft94530eft94530
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    Poor Gaia.
    So ignored just like the ancient Greek gods and Roman gods.
    Her devotees have to scramble around to wherever they can
    in order to give her the devotion they think she deserves.

    But the truth needs to be told.
    It is not climate change.
    It is Gaia.

    And Gaia hates penguins.
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  • Adam WoodAdam Wood
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    So, when I read the headline of this post, I thought to myself,

    "Oh lawd - another overreacting rad trad deliberately misconstrues a Christian concern for the Earth as if it were pagan goddess worship. She probably is a climate-change denier too. I'm sure the hymn is bad, but I'm sure it isn't literally a hymn to Gaia."

    Needless to say, I had to revise my o'er-hasty judgements upon listening to the video.

    At which point I though...

    "Holy crap. What the actual f[censored]k is going on?"
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  • VilyanorVilyanor
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    Ha! Adam, those are almost verbatim the words I used when I saw it.
  • Oh, Adam, if ye only knew me . . . and I forgive your o'er hasty judgements.
    Now, what we can both judge is the singer's pronunciation of the word "granite". She sings "gra-night." Ugh. As if the hymn wasn't awful enough.
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  • G
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    As Archbishop Sartain quoted Cardinal George, at the latter's funeral Mass -
    "If the earth is our mother, then the grave is our home."

    Oh lawd - another overreacting rad trad
    I always think people are going to be pleased when I tell them, "You know, until I grew up and started traveling and going to liturgies in other parishes I always thought you people making such a fuss about awful, 'creative' innovations in the 'New' Mass were just crazy."
    They never are.
    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)
  • G
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    Did you notice how the composer of the Gaia song likes the metaphor of "breaking wind."
    Her songs are a Path Through Broken Winds.
    I'm sure that means something...
    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)
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