Anyone at/from a Polish parish that could help find a piece of music
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    I am looking for a copy of the MSZA PASTERSKA published by Joseph Krygier of Phila. Pa. (c) 1929. Specifically I am trying to find the music given to be sung at the Agnus Dei: "Hej bracia czyli spicie". I have looked high and low on the internet and have come up empty handed, except for a different carol beginning with similar words ("Hej bracia czy spicie") and a completely different tune.

    I have been wanting to have my choir do thing piece since I found a MS copy of the vocal parts ten years ago. I later stumbled on a mimeographed copy of the vocal-organ score, but it's too blurry to read, and one passage is entirely missing - the vocal line is there, but the organ part is MIA. This is a lovely cantata like setting, assigning different verses to different soloists, duetts, and choruses. Actually, all of the settings in this collection are rather fine, and many pieces have accompaniments that compliment the choir without simply doubling it: The setting of Jesus Malusienki (for the Benedictus) is particularly lovely.

    If there is anyone here who works in or goes to an (old) Polish parish that has an archive of pre-Vatican II music that they can search through, or have someone search through, I would greatly appreciate it. I will be writing to the other Polish parishes in my Diocese, but I have an odd feeling that none of them kept any of this stuff (most of them use Gather & Co. now), and if they did no one will know where to look.
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    I would call the music director of Sweetest Heart of Mary in Detroit.
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    Does the Polish Liturgical Center at Orchard Lake deal with music too?
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    You might also try the Polish Museum at the Polish Roman Catholic Union of America Building in Chicago:

    (It's just a couple blocks from St. John Cantius Church.)

    I have visited here several times, and they do have Polish Catholic sheet music in their archives. The Polish museum in Chicopee may even be another source.
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    Actually, being a Polish parish originally, St. John Cantius might be of help.
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