Cdl. Burke's Mass in Krakow February 8
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    From Polonia Christiana TV, video of Cdl. Burke's Mass at the Church of SS. Peter and Paul in Krakow on Monday, Feb 8. The ceremony was a traditional Latin Mass, and the largely young congregation joined in singing the Gregorian chant settings of the Mass ordinary.

    The occasion marked the first time a cardinal had celebrated Mass in the traditional form in Krakow -- nay, in all of Poland -- since the 1960s.

    The day happened to be the feast of St. John of Matha, who founded the Trinitarian order in the 1200s, caring for the poor and the sick and working to ransom Christians from kidnapping and slavery in Muslim-held territories.

    Before the sermon, the FSSP superior welcomed the Cardinal in suitable Latin, which the eminent canon lawyer understands well. Then Cdl. Burke read his sermon in English, alternating with a translation of it into Polish.

    In addition to the Latin proper and ordinary chants, a vernacular hymn was sung at the Offertory. After the consecration, the organist played an elevation sonata.

    The video production provided a 1080p resolution image from multiple cameras, including interesting details of the service; I wish US TV production of Masses were this thorough.

    (video: 92 min., HD)
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    Good old Cardinal Burke. I still think he would make a fine pope.
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    That moment when your polish doppelgänger makes you wonder if you unwittingly bilocated to serve a Mass in poland.
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    This is beautiful, @chonak. Thanks for posting.
    (I like his pontifical sandals - and all the vestments, for that matter.)


    That's a good enough occasion to get a haircut. Goodness.

    *Notice that no one chanted the Pater Noster along with the good Cardinal.. =)
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    Niech będzie pochwalony Jezus Chrystus

    Na wieki wiekow. Amen.
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    That's a good enough occasion to get a haircut. Goodness.

    In my defense, my hair is much less huge and Led Zeppelinesque now. It's more Shroud of Turin-y. There was a time though…
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    "One of these things is not like the others..."
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    The deacon has a lovely voice, but he sings quite fast. The organist was overzealous, IMHO, with the responses. The Polish hymns are really great, though a bit out of place according to the rubrics, but I will say I'm flexible on this.

    I love His Eminence, but I think even he was confused musically: the solemn Dominus vobiscum appears to be confused with that sung before the Preface. Oh well!

    They forgot to kneel before the throne when the deacon asked Jube, domne benedicere. I prefer the SD to not use the clasp for the humeral veil. The servers at the throne made some weird turns (you really ought to turn towards each other than in the direction you are going).

    Mass VIII I can accept if they sing so heartily like they do here.

    Other than that, what a fine liturgy. (I am only so criticial, by the way, because it's so hard to find Pontifical High Mass at the throne online, so we need video resources like this for training, but someone has to know what's "wrong" when watching.)