Membership Renewals for 2016
  • Dear CMAA Members,

    It's membership renewal time for most of us: Winter issues of Sacred Music have arrived in mailboxes across the country, along with renewal envelopes.

    You can renew your membership on-line at , or send a check.

    Please note that our new mailing address is:

    Church Music Association of America
    PO Box 4344
    Roswell, NM 88202

    It helps us if you can send your renewal to our new office address. If you have any question about the status of your membership, please contact me at:


  • Just a little reminder... if you haven't yet renewed, there is still time before our first 2016 issue of the Sacred Music journal goes out...
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    Sorry but the dot belongs to Jackson, who probably has a copyright on it. LOL.
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    I thought he copyrighted the cryptic yellow square
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    The dot is under a 2012 creative commons license.
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    It's like recto tono. Lawsuit bait.
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  • Must I pay a royalty to reprint the dot? Dear, dear...
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