St. Ansgar Gregorian Propers
  • A schola in Denmark is looking for the Gregorian Propers for St. Ansgar, who is the diocesan's patronal feast celebrated Feb. 3. The Offertory and Communion can be found in the 1961 Graduale, but the following pieces with their FULL texts are proving more difficult to locate. Any help would be appreciated.

    (Is 61) Spiritus Domini super me, eo quod unxerit me Dominus: misit me ut mederer contritis corde, et prædicarem captivis indulgentiam, et clausis apertionem. (Ps 116) Laudate omnes gentes, laudate Dominum omnes gentes, laudate eum omnes populi. Gloria Patri....

    (Ps. 97) Notum fecit Dominus salutare suum: in conspectu gentium revelavit justitiam suam. V. Viderunt omnes termini terræ salutare dei nostri.

    (Ps. 64): Exaudi nos, Deus, salutaris noster: spes omnium finium terræ, et in mari longe. V. Turbabuntur gentes, et timebunt qui habitant terminos, a signis tuis. V (Ps. 27). Secundum misericordiam tuam memento mei tu, propter bonitatem tuam, Domine.
  • n.b. The Graduale seems to be a reversal of the Viderunt as the body and Notum as the verse. The tract has a different verse than that which is typically with Exaudi nos.
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    I will have a look but I don't think I have ever found a Supplement for Denmark.

    We will presume that music has been produced for these Propers, if so Solesmes and or the Vatican Library will have them somewhere in there vast collections.

    A quicker and easier way would be to look in the back of L.U. or Graduals which may have a supplement for Denmark. Has the Cathedral got a library with this music?
  • This German site, Volksmessbuch 1962, has the text of the proper mass for St. Ansgar, and also indicates it is used in the Dioceses of Hamburg and Osnabrück (Germany). The site has a contact form, and maybe they have some suggestions for obtaining Gregorian chant propers. (Thanks to google.)
  • nelemme, if you or your friends are able to track down the Gregorian propers for St. Ansgar, would you be so kind as to provide the details in a follow-up post on this thread? The problem of locating chants for local feasts comes up from time-to-time on this forum, and it would be good to develop a knowledge base of solutions.
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  • Thank you for your recommendations. I will be sure to post back if they are found.
  • Im sorry for coming so late, but if its still searched

    This has the Propers with notation for the mass
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    No sources are mentioned for the chant notation. Does the "zusammengestellt von Pfarrer Ulrich Terlinden" actually mean that Fr. Terlinden set the texts to music?
  • Afaik, it just means he compiled that array.
    I dont know how historical it is. We do however use it here in the only currently active traditional parish that celebrates Ansgar in Hamburg.
    (There is an FSSP Mass every once in a while in Kiel, but i dont think the Priest is often enough there to celebrate Ansgar. There was a Diocesan TLM priest in Hamburg aswell, but he hasnt been allowed to publically celebrate TLM since Corona)

    In a way it does reflect a living tradition as such.

    Admittedly the phrasing is weird, but it isnt meant as in he created it. 2 links below are the normal text propers with the phrasing "erstellt" "created" by Terlinden, but obviously these propers are older than him.
  • @igneus

    I must correct myself.

    The introit and the alleluia are composed recently by the Cantor of the parish of that diocesan TLM Priest.
    I just overflew them and thought they were the same as the one my parish (the SSPX one in Hamburg) uses.

    Turns out they differ, and the one my parish uses are also newly composed. The only parts that overlap are the ones the proprium shares with that of the Propaganda Fidei mass.

    Apologies for misinformation.