Ave Regina Caelorum on February 2nd
  • I'm getting ready for a high mass (TLM) for the Feast of the Purification. (There's a possibility it may be pontifical, but we'll see if His Grace is ready to take our relationship to that level yet . . .) For Offertory I was originally planning Soriano's Ave Regina Caelorum, since I was under the impression that we started singing that motet on Candlemas. However on re-reading rubrics I see that we officially start singing at compline of Candlemas. The mass starts at 7, so it is somewhat approximate to the usual time for compline.

    So, what should I do? Is it kosher to sing this antiphon? Switch out the Ave Regina or am I good to go?
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    Alma Redemptoris ends with second Vespers of the Candlemas, so I would think that during a Mass that takes place between the usual times for Vespers and Compline Ave Regina would be more appropriate.
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    But, it’s still the feast of the Lord’s infancy...
  • I would think you might consider that Mass would normally be said before Compline, and thus stick to Alma Redemptoris mater.

    E.g. a conventual Mass is to be said after Terce, or, for a grave reason, after Sext or None. Thus, the spirit of things is that the Mass ought to be said in the midst of the office of the day; and anyhow, Compline is meant to be the final prayer of the day.

    The Liber puts the Mass after Terce.
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    Do both....
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  • Why, Liam, if I were to do both the new motet (Jacquet de Mantua's O Jesu Christe) and the Marian antiphon, that means my choir would need to sing Compline after mass as well! . . .

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