Expression and crescendo pedal failure this morning?!
  • So much for best laid plans..ugh! I had everything set for the first hymn (KINGSFOLD, was so excited to play it I love it!!), warmed up and played through everything an hour before as usual, no problems. I go to play the intro for the hymn and its immediately apparent something is wrong. I gave the crescendo a nudge, as that's all it usually needs. Nothing is happening. Another nudge, nothing. It was barely loud enough for everyone to sing along...And then it was fine for the rest of the service.

    I don't have many details right now, other than it's a Rodgers, don't know the model or date, problem also included a piston (pedal to great) failure. SIGH. We're having it looked at soon...

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  • Put it through its paces to find anything else that is not functioning. Could be as simple as an aberrant power supply, or as serious as a power surge.
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    Some Rodgers have a self-test capability. You didn't say how old it is, so yours may or may not have it.
  • It's probably a broken linkage, or variable resistor spring , at least if it's like an old Hammond.

    If you are in a situation to take a look "under the hood," look for a busted spring or linkage. If you don't see any hardware lying around in the "floor" of the organ that you can replace, you'll probably have to call someone.
  • Well, the odd part was that it did not suffer these problems when I changed settings for the rest of the service music and hymns. It seemed like it decided it didn't like the setting I chose for that hymn. There are numbered presets for each manual, and again all week long during practice and running through it this morning I had no issues.
  • ...other than its [sic] a Rodgers...

    Well! There's your problem... right there!
  • LOL oh no! Well, it's all I've got in this lonely world right now. Well, that and two fiddles in need of major repairs themselves. Ah that's it...bad things happen in 3's!
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    The long and short of it is you will need to call a dealer or independent repairman. Sometimes tinkering with those instruments can make them worse when you are not skilled in organ repair.
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  • I don't plan on doing any tinkering, don't worry. The church has a regular repairman, my teacher and I will be there when they make the appointment.