Service outage January 1-2, 2016
  • chonakchonak
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    Dear Forum Users,

    We had an unexpected service outage affecting this Musica Sacra Forum and some of the other CMAA web sites on New Year's Day.

    The outage took place when our hosting provider Linode came under a "denial of service" attack, in which an attacker tries to overwhelm a target system with useless queries. The attack was not aimed at CMAA's systems, but affected Linode at more than one of its data centers.

    The down time started at approximately 10 AM ET January 1 and continued the rest of the day; during the overnight period, service came back intermittently, starting around 1:30 AM January 2 (ET). I expect service will be restored more stably over the next few hours. We're sorry for any inconvenience you experienced.

    At your service,

    Richard Chonak
    webmaster, CMAA
  • BruceL
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    The forces of the dark side, surely this was.
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  • canadashcanadash
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    And I thought that the down time had something to do with Ben's wedding.
  • Carl DCarl D
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    I thought it was a day of penance.
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  • CCoozeCCooze
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    Every few hours this site is still down (at least on my phone).
  • Don9of11Don9of11
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    I agree CCooze. I tried logging in this morning from my tablet and I wasn't able to. Everything seems to be working now. Thanks to those behind the scenes who are working hard to restore things.
  • BenBen
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    Lol @canadash
  • chonakchonak
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    This attack on our hosting provider Linode started just after Christmas, and on December 31 an engineer told part of the "backstory":

    The attack was massive and sophisticated, using methods that changed as Linode blocked one attack method after another.

    It's possible that the perpetrator was doing this in order to demand the payment of a ransom.

    It's possible that the attack is state-sponsored: in the past China has attacked internet services such as github because github was hosting software to bypass China's internet censorship.

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  • bhcordovabhcordova
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    Thanks for letting us know what happened.
  • chonakchonak
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    By the way, while CMAA's site became reachable on the morning of January 3, the attacks have continued today.
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Yes, the service has been spotty with occasional no-connections due to timeouts today.
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  • stulte
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    This happened not too long ago to my email provider when a group calling itself "armada collective" launched an attack to obtain a ransom. I hope the hosting service didn't pay any ransom.
  • Geee... and I thought it was because I was posting stuff again after all these months! ;-)
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