Here's to the Parish Book of Chant
  • Kathy
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    Every once in a while there will be a thread on this forum that asks how to begin introducing chant to children.

    I've used the Parish Book of Chant for this purpose in several different settings, and I want to say a few things about how useful it is for this purpose.

    -Content This is a book of core repertoire: everything (aside from propers) that you need, and nothing frivolous, nothing foolish. For the beginner, simple tones of antiphons are provided. As students advance, they can learn the solemn tones that are included as well.

    Intelligibility The organization is good, the layout is clear and readable, English translations are provided for Latin texts, and explanatory notes are provided for everything. As questions inevitably arise, the appendix in the back explains all of the details of notation.

    Online backup The book's contents are available online, so that worship aids can contain the same exact version of each chant, without photocopying or re-engraving.

    Beauty The 2nd version, with its blue cover and gold ribbon, is especially handsome. Students know instantly that they are holding something important and valuable.

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  • francisfrancis
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    it is truly the first book anyone would need or want as a foundation for music in liturgy