Post Your Weekly Parish Music Planning (Ordinary Form)
  • I think it would be helpful to have a thread where we who plan liturgies and/or music can "compare notes" and seek inspiration and ideas. As my work concerns a parish which utilizes Mass exclusively in the Ordinary Form, I'd ask that this particular thread be utilized solely by others who are planning liturgies and/or music for OF (Ordinary Form) Masses each week.

    To contribute to uniformity on the thread, I ask that everyone please utilize the following format when posting. Also, please keep questions to a bare minimum and criticisms non-existant on this thread to avoid unnecessary clutter. The purpose of this thread is solely to be a source of information, not a thread for discussion. Thanks in advance for getting into the habit of posting your parish's info weekly (or whenever there is a major Mass)!

    Once again, OF liturgies only, and please cut and paste this format when posting. If there is special music during a particular Mass (i.e. for a Baptism, Confirmation, Dismissal of the Catechumens and Elect, etc.) please included this in the proper place.

    Parish Name: (St. Anonymous if fine)
    Parish Location: Deep South (City, State or Region is fine)
    Liturgy: Mass for Baptism of Our Lord

    Introit or Entrance Hymn: Dilexisit (Introit Hymn), Tietze
    Kyrie or Rite of Sprinkling: Kyrie, spoken
    Gloria: Psalm Tone Gloria (Adoremus Hymnal)
    Responsorial Psalm: Respond & Acclaim, OCP
    Alleluia or Gospel Acclamation: Respond & Acclaim, OCP
    Credo: Spoken
    Offertory: When John Baptized By Jordan's River
    Eucharistic Prayer Preface: Spoken
    Sanctus: Chant (Latin), Mass XVIII
    Mysterium Fidei: English Chant Mass
    Amen: Chant, traditional
    Lord's Prayer: Spoken
    Agnus Dei: Chant (Latin), Mass XVIII
    Communion Hymn 1: Ave Verum Corpus, Mozart
    Communion Hymn 2: None
    Post-Communion: None
    Final Hymn: Joy to the World

    I look forward to seeing your contribution to this thread!
  • incantuincantu
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    Prelude: Rendez a Dieu (Goudimel)
    Introit or Entrance Hymn: When John Baptized By Jordan's River (English) A pleine voix (French)
    Kyrie or Rite of Sprinkling: Penitential Rite? What's a penitential rite? ;)
    Gloria: Heritage (Alstott) or psalm tone
    Responsorial Psalm: Ps. 72 (Marier)
    Alleluia or Gospel Acclamation: chant
    Credo: Spoken
    Offertory: Benedictus (Saint-Saens) [I'll probably get flamed for this...]
    Eucharistic Prayer Preface: Spoken
    Sanctus: XVIII or Heritage
    Mysterium Fidei: English chant (Sacramentary)
    Amen: simple response
    Lord's Prayer: Spoken (English) or Durufle (French)
    Agnus Dei: XVIII or Heritage
    Communion Hymn 1: Jesu dulcis memoria (in alternatim, ed. Marier)
    Sortie: Der Tag, der is so freudenreich (Pachelbel) [the Tag in question is actually Christmas Day...]
  • mahrt
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    Parish Name: St. Thomas Aquinas
    Parish Location: Palo Alto
    Liturgy: Mass for Baptism of Our Lord

    Organ prelude
    Introit or Entrance Hymn: Gregorian introit
    Kyrie or Rite of Sprinkling: Victoria, Kyrie from Missa O magnum mysterium
    Gloria: VIctoria
    Gregorian gradual
    Gregorian Alleluia
    Credo: Victoria
    Gregorian Offertory
    Preface: Sung in English
    Sanctus: Victoria
    Eucharistic Prayer Sung in English
    Mysterium Fidei: Mortem tuam
    Amen: Chant
    Lord's Prayer: Latin chant
    Agnus Dei: Victoria
    Communion Hymn 1: Gregorian communion
    Communion Hymn 2: Josquin, Dominus regnavit
    Organ postlude
  • Dr. Mahrt, that is indeed impressive. Is this an EF or OF? I'm impressed that you are able to do the complete Victoria Mass (with Credo!). I'd love to be able to sing a liturgy like this.
  • Saint Edward Church
    Newark, CA
    Feast of the Baptism of the Lord (10:00 AM Missa Cantata)

    Prel: "Christ, our Lord, came to the Jordan" ... J.S. Bach
    Proc: "Songs of Thankfulness and Praise" ... SALZBURG
    Introit: "Dilexisti justitiam"
    Asperges me: (Simple, Tone 7, X c.)
    Mass Ordinary: Mass VIII
    Psalm: Setting by Rev. Jeffrey Keyes, CPPS
    Alleluia: Graduale Simplex
    Offertory Motet: "The Baptism of Christ: Jesus autem hodie" ... Peter Hallock
    Hymn: "When Jesus Came to Jordan" ... DE EERSTEN ZUN DE LAATSTEN
    Communio: "Omnes qui in Christo baptizati"
    Canticle: "You will draw water" ... Michel Guimont
    Proc: "When John Baptized by Jordan's River" ... RENDEZ A DIEU
    Post: Fugue in D ... Johann Pachelbel
  • francis
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    Yes, Dr. Mahrt. We are all sinlessly jealous!
  • My parish’s music plans are made available at

    It’s a pretty solid music program, all things considered. Not as much chant & polyphony as some may like, but there’s a healthy mix of other good stuff to be found.

    One notable piece for this coming Sunday is the Charles Wood “Jubilate in A-flat”. It’s based on the Old 100th tune and is pretty accessible - a bit tougher, I am finding, than it looks, but a lot of fun nonetheless. It really deserves to be a standard English choral anthem. Find it on CPDL.