WARNING: Danger in Oaxaca
  • WARNING: The Oaxaca organ festival, coming up Feb. 18-23, is addictive. It takes only one exposure to the sound of those Spanish reeds, heard in those centuries-old cathedrals and basilicas, to get you hooked. You will have to go back every two or three years to get your fix. In between festivals the memory of those reeds will send chills down your spine, and emotional agitation will accompany your recollection of the churches, the countryside, the people. You would do well to stay away from Oaxaca, keeping your soul dried up, your ears unfulfilled, your emotions dull.

    If, however, in spite of my warning, you just must live dangerously, see this PDF for all the info you need on the Festival, travel, and hotels.

    http://iohio.org/festival2009eng.pdf English
    http://iohio.org/festival2009esp.pdf Spanish