Proper music for a wedding
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    I am wondering if someone could give me some advice on choosing the music for my daughter's wedding this May. I want the music to be sacred and appropriate for a nuptial mass in the Ordinary Form. I am planning on having an organist and hiring a four string quartet. My uncle will probably be sing the Ave Maria and a good friend of my daughter's will sing the psalms and possibly other portions of the mass. This friend is not Catholic so I would like to get everything set as soon as possible to give her time to practise. I know absolutely nothing about music but would really like this wedding mass to be beautiful, reverent and even a toll for evangelizing for my non-Catholic friends. Thank you in advance, bridgit
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    In the Sacramentary there are three wedding Masses, I believe, A,B, and C. You can read the Entrance and Communion Antiphons there and try to find songs that reflect them. For the Communion of Mass "B", Love One Another by Fr. Chepponis is very nice (published by GIA). The Communion Song for Mass C is "Taste and See", and there are many musical settings of that Psalm. Just a couple of suggestions.
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