Stile antico Masses
  • Does anyone know where I can find a list of stile antico Masses from the Classical period - e.g. Mozart, J. Haydn, M. Haydn? A colleague and good friend of mine, who is not Catholic, is looking for a Mass setting for a touring choir that can be sung either a cappella or with organ accompaniment not requiring any preset registrations - in other words, something that travels easily. I sent him a list of Renaissance, Romantic, and modern Masses when he asked for my recommendations, but I would like to supplement that with at least a few selections from the Classical repertory.
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    Scarlatti in g and Lotti of course, and then have a look at the Vienese masses in RRMCE. You can also do a multi category search on CPDL to turn up others like Casali &c.
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    be sure to check out this amazing collection of free organ Masses, made by a German fellow who's been collecting, engraving, and posting them online for years. A veritable treasure trove! (In some cases, the originals were for choir and orchestra, and he did the organ reductions himself.)