Winter Intensive - one spot has opened up
  • AOZ
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    It's yours if you want it. Register tonight.

    For fun: are any runners planning on staying at the Old Town Inn? New neighborhood - fun to run en masse if possible. preferably early am.
  • AOZ,
    Did Friar Tuck run?
    If m'bettarhalf kinna teach me how to tie a bleedin' bow tie tonigh' wi' out me keelin' over, we're gonna half a a Ceilidh of a week. But runnin'? Without John Law hot on me heels? That's not gonna happen. You and MJB kinna leave me wid m' scones and mackarel at the Old Inn (yes, I'm there!) whilst ye tone up fer th' day.
    See youse tomorrow nigh, Lass.
    PS to MOC: Ye prob'ly haf t' teach yer charges at the U whate'er the syllabus (tha' tewk m' five times to spell tha' correctly!) sez; buh ah'm syure ya need t' coom out to the Left Coast and take a breather after the Holy Days, wha?
    C'mon Lad, join us in Ald Toon.
  • Arlene,
    I'm no runner, but I'm happy to show you around the area, especially Mission Hills where there are some lovely streets, etc.
    Just got online now, and remembered that I owe you an email about one of my schola members. This is the first time I've used this excuse, but honestly I was away all afternoon and night (concession to dear Billy) watching the Chargers game. Will run along and email you just in case it gets there in time.

    I can't believe you'll be here so soon! I am really excited to see you and Charles and Scott and all the CMAA folk- this is gonna be so much fun.
  • priorstf
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    CCA - 'Tis writers liken unto thee that maketh one thank ye the Lord for understandable gibberish such as Latin!
  • mjballoumjballou
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    AOZ - now you want me to squash my gym shoes into the bag as well? In addition to the books and the odd bits of Russian and Greek chant I wish to inveigle folks into singing casually with me? And what about my Gregorian tiara - the one with the diamond torculus?

    Besides, the best I can do is a slow jog. Maybe Charles and I will simply devote ourselves to the breakfast buffet.
  • AOZ
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    It will all fit. It is all in how you pack. I nestled my tiara in between various missals and supplies, and filled the spaces with my running clothes. I didn't have to worry about my harp or my kilt. Maybe that's it.