29th Sunday in Ordinary Time Alleluia "Lauda Anima"
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    Does anyone else own a Gregorian Missal?

    Look at 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time --- Alleluia "Lauda Anima" do you see some funny looking letters? Any explanation?
  • Dan F.Dan F.
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    Yes, there is a crooked "h" at the end of the first alleluia. It appears to have fallen off of the "Hig Priest" from the year B second reading above. I'm a physics teacher who teaches universal gravitation, and I did layout for a regional magazine back in high school: I'd explain how gravity can affect typesetting but it'd get too technical. ;)
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    Oh, man, just when I thought that Romanian letters of St. Gall had made their way into the Gregorian Missal.....

    (By the way, if you read my article in CMAA Magazine, there actually SHOULD be a "hold" where that crooked "h" is.....)

  • GavinGavin
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    I recall seeing that and wondering. I think I ran into a similar symbol in Musica Enchiriadis, although the printer error sounds much more likely an explanation!