Mount St. Mary's new CD
  • I find this to be incredibly exciting. It's not the CD I would put together but it reflects a tremendous shift, and the singing, judging from the online samples, is just great.
  • You are right... the sound is very nice on the samples... plus a long list included on the CD -- 30+, I think.
  • My first impression based on the recording samples is that there's what I would label a distinctly "American" characteristic to the singing style; it's reminiscent of a collegiate glee club. (This is an observation, not a judgment!)
  • That's cool. I've never heard this repertoire sound better.
  • JennyJenny
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    Mount St. Mary's is a great place. Our parish is about 30 mins from there and we often have seminarians helping out at our parish. They are gracious, intelligent young men who are being well formed. They are also learning the EF there!
  • Yes, I used to live just up the road in Gettysburg (until my current banishment to Florida). I know the university's choral director well (different dept), but I didn't realize that the seminarians were singing music of this sort. Good for them. How I miss that part of the country... Jenny, where are you? Frederick?