Water for chant intensive
  • AOZ
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    Don't forget to bring water bottles. USD is sure to have drinking fountains for filling them up. There will be coffee service in the mornings, but no water.

    Unless, Charles, you are planning to provide Cab on IV drips...
  • What?
    First I have to suppy the bow ties, now fine wines by direct injection?
    Gosh, NPM never made me jump thru such hoops!
    Okay, Arlene, I'll look for a Mondavi Tanker Truck lurching up the Grapevine on the way and see if the driver will fall for the old "I'm with ATF Quality Control, Sir/Madam; mind opening up the Opus I valve for me, thanks?" routine.
    Oh, and needles or not, no one without a crystal burgundy goblet gets a shot.