P 19 vs. Most Holy Rosary
  • I'm curious: Did anyone else who does an EF Mass do the transferred Solemnity of the Most Holy Rosary this past Sunday? If so, what did you sing? We did Mass IX, Credo III, Te gestientem gaudiis (the hymn for 2nd Vesters of the solemnity) and Perosi's Ave Maris Stella for 2-equal and organ.
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    Nice... Teaching mass ix this week
  • Yes, we also had the external solemnity of the Holy Rosary. Mass IX, Credo I, Salve Mater, Ave maris stella, and for Papa Francisco's name day, Oremus pro Pontifice.

    Mass was followed by exposition and rosary, and Benediction. I understand at least one other church in the region had the external solemnity.
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    Yes, we did the transferred Solemnity, too. Our children's schola sang the Messe Royale by Dumont, Credo I, and O Sanctissima and Desidero, mi Jesu by Kevin Allen. The Lord Whom Earth and Sea and Sky (EISENACH) was the entrance and O Queen of the Holy Rosary for the closing.

    (We had planned to do Victoria's Ne timeas, Maria since that was the Gospel lesson and Victoria's Tantum Ergo IV but our tenors were out sick.)
  • Apparently, the better question is: did anyone not celebrate the External Solemnity?

    In addition to Mass IX and Credo III, we sang Palestrina's Sitivit Anima Mea and Victoria's Ave Maria
  • Mass IV, with the exception of Gloria XI, Credo III accompanied alternatim
    Full propers except simplified Grdual (we were asked to do this because of a tight mass schedule)
    Ave Maris stella, Monteverdi
    O Jesu Christe, VanBerchem
    Exsultate justi, Viadana
    Simple Salve Regina with congregation

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    Ext. Sol.
    Gaudeamus...etc. (Propers for the Feast)
    Mass IX
    Credo I
    After the Offertory, Jam motte Victor (Lauds Hymn)
    After the Communion Te gestientem (2nd Vespers Hymn)
    Sol. Salve Regina

    (Commemoration of the Sunday)
  • Apparently, the better question is: did anyone not celebrate the External Solemnity?

    Last night was choir practice and one of our guys related that somebody had called him complaining about the "wrong" Propers and readings, and then claiming that the priest who had done it had been "excommunicated" and was being rehabilatated by one of our other priests. I rolled my eyes, said, "I call BS" and proceeded to warmups as quickly as I could.

    Francis: watch out for the Gloria; it's tricky.
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    complaining about the "wrong" Propers and readings

    You may laugh...
    Q1. Is your main Sunday Mass the Conventual Mass?
    N.B. The Conventual Mass should be the Mass of the day, not the External Solemnity. So having the Asperges, External Solemnity Propers and Prayer for the Queen (U.K.), could be the wrong Propers.
    Not to worry someone complained a couple of years ago about us, so we asked the expert, and he pointed out that the Cathedral (Westminster) and various Diocese' year books showed that the External Solemnity was regularly celebrated as the main Sunday Mass.

    Q2. Would the Introit be Gaudeamus as in the Missal or Salve Sancte Parens?
    N.B. It all depends on whether you think you are celebrating the feast...
  • Anyone have an already prepared booklet for Vespers for Our Lady of the Rosary?
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    I have an EF version 1st Vespers... May not be 62... can easily change things if needed.

  • Terribly sorry, but I'm not sure which day you are actually referring to... P 19 would be tomorrow, 10/15, correct? I'm presuming you refer to P 18 - October 8th... but I believe that the transferred Solemnity for the Holy Rosary actually follows a different rule - that of the 1st Sunday of October, not the Sunday in closest proximity to the feast. We did the Solemnity on P 17 - October 1st.

    Ave Maria (Biebl) before Mass; O Sanctissima (Kevin Allen) for Offertory; Ave Verum (Elgar), Quis Sicut (Anon), Ave Maria (Victoria / Handl), Maria Flos (Brachel) for Communion. Missa Stella Matutina (Carnevali - 2 voice) with Credo IV and Ambrosian Gloria.
  • Silly me! Just saw the year of the post... :)
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  • Bumping in case anyone has 2nd Vespers for the feast, instead of 1st Vespers, which is what Tomjaw posted -- for which I am very grateful. Our parish celebrates 2nd Vespers on the first Sunday, and I don't have anything other than my cut-and-paste version, to hand out to the attendants.
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    @Chris Garton-Zavesky

    If I get time I will try to sort out a version for Second Vespers, I may have the commemorations on a separate sheet. If you would like any other change let me know.
  • Thanks.
  • Try here:
    Despite the "Liturgy of Hours" terminology, it should be the traditional rite.
  • Madorganist,

    The site has many things, but Vespers for Our Lady of the Rosary isn't an ordinary Sunday Vespers, so I'll have to dig around to see if it's there somewhere, hiding.