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    The Immaculata, on the USD campus, is itself a nice church to visit, with choir seating in the transept, side chapels. Bonus points if you find young Jesus with his dog in the stained glass.

    The Mission San Diego is a day trip. Go on Sunday if you can, go to the noon Mass if possible and hear the mighty choir. Say hi to Gene Regard the choirmaster for me. The gardens are excellent and the site of a martyr is located in the middle of a parking circle. Before the Mission was the site of the Mission, it was located at the Presidio which overlooks Old Town.

    (Interstate 8, the main east-west thoroughfare for most of us, was once the San Diego River, emptying into Mission Bay. The river carved out bluffs on either side. USD is on the north "shore," and the Presidio and Old Town are on the south "shore." The southern bluffs are obvious river canyons, while the north has become smoother. The western north, including USD, is still very steep, which makes for beautiful views.)

    There's a Carmelite monastery further inland on the south bluffs. Like the Presidio and Mission it's whitewashed walls and Spanish tile roofs. So are most of the missions, which you can find, one after another, on a day trip up the Pacific Coast Highway. If you reach the Mission San Luis Rey in Oceanside--an easy morning's drive--you aren't far from the Benedictine Abbey, Prince of Peace.

    Not to be ignored is the remarkable charitable outreach, the St. Vincent de Paul Village,
    This is what happens when one priest really rolls up his sleeves and spends 25 years, and a lot of the McDonald's fortune, helping homeless people. It's not in the greatest part of town, fittingly, but it is edifying.

    Also edifying but not professing any particular creed is the part of the beach called Sunset Cliffs. Basically take I-8 all the way to the west and take a left and you will find the perfect place for a picnic. Take your breviary.

    I can't believe my good fortune: just when the schola kids are asking questions I don't know the answers too, there's a Winter Chant Intensive in my home town!
  • Kathy, I can't wait to meet you! Where are you and your children's schola located?

    I'm also a San Diegan and wanted to add a few minor spots to your excellent picks.

    1) In the heart of Old Town, there is a very pretty little Church, the Immaculate Conception. There are many nearby shops and restaurants, mostly Mexican.

    2) Little Italy (5 minutes south of Old Town on the 5 fwy) boasts a small Italian church, Our Lady of the Rosary. It is packed with devotional art. Originally a community of Italian and Portuguese fishing families, Little Italy still boasts some good, authentic Italian food, even great gelato and cappuccino for after rehearsal.

    I also wouldn't miss
    *Balboa Park* and *Cabrillo Monument*.
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    Singing Mum,

    I'm in Alexandria, VA, and can't wait to visit "big sky country"--which is how San Diego looks to me. Will your name badge say "Singing Mum?" Anyways, mine will say Kathy, so please do find me.

    Whereabouts do y'all live?

    Re: Balboa Park, let's admit the fact that generally speaking the North/ South freeways are a tangled mess. South of USD, though, and straight through Balboa Park, which was built up for the 1915 World's Fair, is the fine stretch of tree-lined freeway known as I-163. It leads to the airport, too. Just follow the signs.

    There are green trees in San Diego at this time of year. Do not be scandalized! And the temps are going to be fine, high 40s/ low fifties at night. Other fun things to do include the USS Midway museum and of course the zoo--also in Balboa Park.

    Unfortunately, the Old Globe Theatre is running Six Degrees of Separation, and not till the 10th. Oh well. You may also note that Sea World is not one of mine or Mum's suggestions.
  • I live with my husband Bill and three boys in Clairemont, right by Balboa and Genessee.
    My name badge will certainly say 'Mary Ann', and I'll add 'Singing Mum' if there's room. :)

    Love that stretch of the 163. Makes me long for the green of VA, which I've only had the opportunity to briefly visit.