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    We're beginning a three-week parish choir recruitment drive to "resurrect" the defunct choir. I'm new to the position, but from what I understand, there was a large choir years ago under a former director but when he left for another position a major portion of the choir followed him. After that the choir just dwindled to nothing with the exception of a small group that sings at Christmas/Easter.

    Anyone willing to share any bulletin announcements they've written that were found to be effective; particularly write-ups that speak to both the spiritual and health benefits of choral singing? I find humor works and so the wittier the better! (We're doing more than just bulletin announcements, but we'd like to put something in the bulletin each week.)

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    I think @Ally has something that she used to use for a bulletin announcement that was pretty good. Also, if I remember correctly, she made up little cards that could be handed out to congregants who demonstrated a decent voice from the pews. (Perhaps she could explain that a little better than I did!) I think they said something to the effect of:

    We'd love to have your voice in the choir -- please inquire!!
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    A recommendation...

    Try talking your pastor into hiring 4 section leads (SATB) to begin the choir. $50x4=$200 per weekend.

    When a parish hasn't had a choir in a long time, the idea of new members coming forth to begin one can be daunting (not impossible, just daunting). If the parish shows up for this 3 week drive and already hear a beautiful choir coming from the loft, people will want to be involved. They'll suddenly be excited and will think "wow - that sounds great, I want to be a part of that."

    If they show up to the first rehearsal and you have 5 people who can't match pitch, 3 tenors who are belting out their part like they're... well.. the Three Tenors..., and one or twice nice competent altos... there's going to be a lot of frustration.

    One can get into a pool early in the morning when the water is cold, but it's going to take a long while to get your body used to the temperature of the water. You'll have to walk in very slow. The four section leaders are your pool heater and mean you can walk right in, do your laps, and get your exercise without the slow adjustment period.
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    @Matthewj -- That's the rub, isn't it. People are more likely to join if the choir has a great sound, but it's hard to determine if it will when one is starting from scratch. I'm planning on starting rehearsals the first week of November to start singing the first Sunday of Advent. We'll start with just singing as a group (unison hymns) with probably only one anthem scheduled for the third or fourth week of Advent. I agree with you, section leaders make a director's life much easier. I've already spoken to the pastor and he is not against bringing in "ringers" for Christmas and Easter, but I think he'll be a bit cool on the idea if it was an every week occurrence.