Dominican Sisters Te Deum
  • Hi friends - I am looking for the sheet music to this Te Deum by Fr. Keating. I believe it is popular in Praise and Worship circles and this version of it with organ and trumpet is really nice. Anyone know where to find it?
  • Heath
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    I just had a wedding request for this, also . . . any help?
  • RevAMG
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    My understanding is that Rev. Michael Keating's Te Deum (You are God, We Praise You!) is copyright © 1988 by The Servants of the Word in Ann Arbor, MI (their website). You may wish to contact them for music and licensing.
  • PolskaPiano
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    I love how when I google things I am looking for, someone has already asked it on this website! I am looking for the sheet music as well.
  • Kathy
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    A twofold Holy is problematic.
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  • At least it has five chords.
  • PaxMelodious
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    Seems to me that the two-fold Holy is the least problematic aspect of this work.

    Page 164 of this document provides the link between "Mike Keating" of the Servants of God and the problematic Fr Michael Keating of Minneapolis.

    It is erm, unexpected, to see that a recording made in 2013 was promoted by a religious order with a strong social media presence in 2018 (video).

    When you look for information about a composer or hymn writer and nothing obvious appears, it's not usually a good sign.