Source of a quote?
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    "An authentic renewal of sacred music can only happen in the wake of the great tradition of the past, of Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony" Pope Benedict XVI

    Can anyone tell me where this is from? Very strong statement and could use in a promotional pamplet.
  • Here's a link:

    June 24, 2006, pope's comments on sacred music, given in the Sistine Chapel, after a concert sponsored by the Domenico Bartolucci Foundation
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    Thanks, Marymezzo for such a quick response. How does eveyone here know so much? I read the whole speech. Very beautiful and encouraging for us.

    "---make the most of sacred music as a vehicle for evangelization."
    "---let us especially entrust all lovers of sacred music to [Mary's]motherly protection, so that always enlivened by genuine faith and sincere love of the Church, they may make their precious contribution to liturgical prayer and effectively contribute to the proclamation of the Gospel."

    I have one more question. If I want to quote his statement, do I need to give info of the citation, or just by Pope Benedict XVI at the end of the citation is enough? Just make sure, because there are so much discussions about copyrights.
  • This quote along with many others along the lines of apologetics for sacred music are in that FAQ booklet put out by CMAA. I'm working on putting together a series of one pagers for potential use as bulletin inserts... it may take me awhile, though...
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    Regarding the Sacred Music FAQ's, if anyone can translate them into Spanish, I would greatly appreciate it. It would allow me post them to our TLM website and provide a link to them in the "La Voz Latina" section of our parish bulletin. I did this (put one question a week in the bulletin, with the link) with the English. It's a great way to pique the interest of people without having to get permission to use all that space in the bulletin.

    Heh -"La Voz Latina". Ironic......