English Ordinaries that fit with BFW English Propers
  • Hi.

    I may have the chance to put together an all English, a capella "chant" style Mass for January 1st. I'd like to use By Flowing Waters for all the Propers. I just need English settings of the Ordinary that would fit well with what is in BFW.

    I don't want to resort to using settings from "Today's Missal" but if I can't figure something out in the next day, I may have to pick out whatever is tolerable. I'm also worried about doing something in english, acapella, that is unfamiliar to the congregation. I am not going to have somebody on mic belting out an unfamiliar version of the Gloria with someone else pounding away on the piano - it's just a small schola - so I'm concerned about that aspect.

    your input is appreciated.

  • Have you looked into Fr Columba Kelley's adaptation into English of all (or most) of the Gregorian ordinaries? These are available from St Meinrad's Archabbey. There is also an English adaptation of the Cum Jubilo mass, beginning at no. 719, in the back of The Hymnal 1940 - but the style of English is not that of BFW. It includes a quite nice adaptation of the Creed.
  • @MJO - haven't seen those at all. I doubt I could get a hold of those in time for 1/1/09 either :( thanks for the suggestions though!
  • By Flowing Waters has several 'suites' of English-language adaptations of the most common chant Masses.
    They begin on page 343 (number 595).
  • Here are some ordinary chants--currently authorized translation.

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    If you send me your e-mail address, I can send you many more.
  • David,

    I have had the greatest success with the Ambrosian Gloria (BFW 608), the Apostle's Creed and the Holy in the Ambrosian style (BFW 625 and 609), and the Lamb of God from the Litany of the Sacred Heart (BFW 616).

    You do know you have permission to reprint all the assembly's music from BFW with just the proper copyright notice and no further permission? See http://www.pford.stjohnsem.edu/ford/by-flowing-waters/reprint-permission.htm