Prayers for Mia
  • Kathy
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    A facebook report indicates that Mia Coyne is in the hospital with a potentially serious problem. On this feast of Our Lady's Queenship and throughout the coming days, let's pray for her!
  • melofluentmelofluent
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    Lord God, Father and Creator, the sweet and perfect soul of our Blessed Mother Mary and the tender Sacred Heart of her Son, our Lord Jesus, are both reflected and through Your grace, hopefully one day perfected in our sister Mia. She has ministered to me, to many of us here personally on many occasions, with a consoling spirit and smile imbued with the Comforter and Guide. Lord in Your infinite mercy, provide her, her family and care providers with those same graces that she may rejoin our earthly choirs in concert with Your Heavenly Hosts, to sing Your praises, to pray doubly in Your arts, and to guide new hearts open to Christ to the Sacrifice and Banquet He offered to Mia, and for which she has shown gratefulness. We ask this in the Name of Christ, Lord and Savior, amen.