Sacrosanctum Concilium (1963) plagiarism exposed
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    For those familiar with my Forum Discussion 2182
    Liturgical Music Document Literacy Challenge
    this intuition is no surprise but that it has been documented in gory detail is a pleasant surprise.

    Adoremus Bulletin -- Vol XXI No 1 -- Spring 2015
    Footnotes for a Hermeneutic of Continuity:
    Sacrosanctum Concilium's Vanishing Citations

    Yet when the definitive text of SC was promulgated on December 4, 1963, there were only 42 footnotes, citing just four categories of sources: 23 cite Scripture, 6 the Fathers of the Church, 9 liturgical books, and 4 the Council of Trent. The "generous sprinkling" of citations of Mediator Dei had vanished.
    In fact, it was not only Mediator Dei (MD) that was cited in earlier drafts of SC. There are also numerous citations of Pope Pius X's motu proprio Tra le sollectitudini (TLS) of 1903, Pope Pius XI's Apostolic Constitution Divini cultus(DC) of 1928, Pope Pius XII's Encyclical Musicae sacrae disciplina (MSD) of 1955, and the 1958 Instruction from the Congregation of Rites, De musica sacra et sacra liturgia(1958I), which gathered together provisions on liturgy and music from these earlier documents. However, none of these documents is cited in the definitive text.
    An annotated version of SC with full text of any cited passages inserted after each paragraph makes the task of consulting these passages more convenient, but is too long to print here.

    However, an annotated version is available as part of the online edition of this issue of AB on the Adoremus website at

    CORRECTED (PDF now pdf):
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