Apel's _Gregorian Chant_ in PDF
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    Perhaps this is already common knowledge, but I didn't know it: this must-read is available for free download at the Internet Archive:


    There are some other interesting finds at this site if you search around; for instance, Dom Joseph Pothier's Les mélodies grégoriennes d'après la tradition

  • this is amazing. Google books was forced to take it down for copyright reasons.

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    Robert, you are awesome!
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    A few other possibly interesting items:

    * A short work on the chants of the Kyriale (in Italian, «I canti del Kyriale»), the major interest of which is that it includes most of the chants of the Kyriale Simplex (browse the pdf to find them in the correspoding sections).

    * A few pages (unfortunately, very few) of the 1934 Antiphonale Monasticum.

    * A few pages (unfortunately, very few) of the 1935 Antiphonale Missarum of the Ambrosian Rite.

    * Only marginally related to chant: from Archive.org again, two other books of Apel's: The «Harvard Dictionary Of Music», and «The Notation Of Polyphonic Music, 900-1600».