San Diego weather alert
  • AOZ
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    A friend in the area writes:

    Also, a word to the wise: it is winter, and although this is Southern California, best to be aware we are actually having a winter. Temps have been into the 40's at night and we have just had double our normal amount of rainfall up to this date. Wouldn't you just know. It would be prudent for attendees from out of state to bring some warm and rain-worthy clothing. For the week of the workshop, temps might actually go to the 70's, but then, it might be raining again. I am sure you know all this, but I've had visitors from other states come to San Diego with nothing but shorts and flip-flops. They were most uncomfortable in the cold.
  • Would that be "Singing Mum?" AOZ?
    If so, could be a veiled alert to bring the Brandy with the Cab.
    Actually, up here in mid CA, it's Chicago-cold to da bone.
  • I hope you all have a wonderful time at Winter Chant Intensive... we summer graduates who can't be there in person will be with you in spirit! After you take the knowledge gained home with you, you have to share with us how you put it to use.
  • Charles, it was not I who gave AOZ the timely alert. But this kind soul is correct- its chilly here in SD. Brandy and Cab would bring us good cheer and warmth, though. And it would be liturgically correct to come 'bringing gifts'. Hee hee, I'm shameless about wine from CenCA! Chanting with friends and enjoying some wine- what could be more Catholic?
  • Don't call me a cab, call me Melchior replete with Cabs multitudinus.