TTBB Music-- from former St. Bernard's Seminary
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    I'm starting a men's choir at Saint Mary's in Auburn (Schola and Polyphonic choir wasn't enough!). I needed TTBB scores, so I contacted the former seminary music director, Fr. Bob Smith. He suggested I contact Sr. Connie Derby at the diocesan archives. Ironically, he also had a copy of a Liber Usualis autographed by Richard Rodgers of Rodgers and Hammerstein... the worlds collide.

    In any event, my diocesan archives is willing to grant me access to the full library of TTBB music from the former St. Bernard's Major Seminary in Rochester NY. At one time St. Bernard's had classes well over 100 each year. If you're interested in TTBB music, take a look at the attached file for a list of works by composer. There are lots of arrangements for men's choir. And actually, many of the titles are rather respectable.

    I'm thinking of scanning them to IMSLP if I can find the time. Any suggestions? Is anyone else in the high plateau of chant and polyphony thinking of branching out into some TTBB choral music? Thoughts?
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  • Paul F. Ford
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    I would be very interested in scans of some of these. Let me study the list.
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    Much/most wouldn't be acceptable on IMSLP due to copyright issues, but there's a fair bit that would be. Plus I'll put up anything PD in the US that isn't in Canada. I'd be happy to do scans if you wish.
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    If you're interested in TTBB music. . .I'm thinking of scanning them to IMSLP

    This. Yes.
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    I have directed a men's schola for six years, I have tons of stuff, and many arrangements.
    It's too much to list, but let me know what you might be looking for.
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    Thanks all... I will be working on it this fall. Much of the stuff is stenciled so I'd say it's fair game as far as copyright.
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    Much of the stuff is stenciled so I'd say it's fair game as far as copyright.

    Surely you jest. Remember that many or most Catholic institutions in the USA did not even become aware of the issue of illegal (and immoral) copying of copyrighted music until FEL vs. The Catholic Bishop of Chicago (1976). Safest bet would be to burn all that stenciled "stuff."
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    If the local music director (Fr. Bob Smith) arranged the music and stenciled it himself, I see no issue. McLaughlin and Reilly and many of the other publishers are out of business, too.
  • Alfred Music owns McLaughlin and Reilly copyrights.