Singing Chant and Polyphony for Assumption in Central NY
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    Hello, friends far and near!

    Great plans to sing great chant are under way for the Feast of the Assumption of Mary (Vigil with Bishop Salvatore Matano, August 14 at 7pm) at Saint Mary's Church, 15 Clark Street, Auburn NY. Two choirs, two historic pipe organs, 2500 fresh roses, and a rockstar of a bishop to celebrate Holy Mass in a large 1870 stone gothic church... what's not to love?

    For Assumption, we will be singing:
    Mass IX: Cum Jubilo
    Credo III
    Introit Signum Magnum and other propers for Assumption (feast of the day, not the vigil)
    I have copies of the Gregorian Missal to share.
    The choir will be singing Rise up my Love (Willan), Ave Maria (Rachmaninoff), Regina Caeli (Aichinger) and a few other things.

    The Schola rehearses Saturdays 8:45 - 10:00am in the church. The Polyphonic Choir rehearses Thursday evenings 7:00-8:30pm.

    Kindly mail me at if you plan to come. Please and thank you!


    Joel Morehouse
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    Thanks for posting this; one copy of the announcement is enough, so I tossed the second copy.
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    Sorry Richard-- I didn't realize it would post twice, and then I couldn't figure out how to delete it. Thanks!
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    So glad to hear this great news! Wish I could be there to hear the awesome music and see and smell all the roses. : )
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    You and I graduated from the same undergrad! If I still lived in Rochester I would be there in a heartbeat. I'm glad to see a fellow Roberts grad doing good work in the Church.

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    James, how neat... yes, we all have to find our way somehow!
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    So I just tried to post the program but my pdf was too large. Sorry guys.