Journal archives: 1965
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    In recent weeks we've added several more years of Sacred Music journal archives to our web site, and today I uploaded a PDF copy of the journal's first year (1965), at .

    We are still looking for years 1966-1969 (volumes 93-96), so if you'd like to help fill the gap by lending us your own copies of the journal, please contact Janet Gorbitz and me ( to find out how.
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    1966-1969, AKA The Dark Ages, when the barbarians sacked Rome and destroyed Western Civilization. No wonder the issues are missing; considering what else was burnt during that time.
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    I have most if not all of the issues, although some were quite flimsy. (in contrast to Caecilia and The Catholic Choirmaster which they replaced)

    I have:
    93.1 93.2 93.3
    94.1 94.2 (index only) 94.3 (index only) 94.4
    95 - all
    96 - all

    Let me know which ones you want and I'll bundle them up and send them to wherever you suggest. - for your temporary utilization!

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    The Ohio Depository has bound volumes of much of SM, including issues missing at MS. I could get these and run them by the library's overhead KIC scanner. Only 400 dpi, and prone to the usual issues with scanning bound books, but if you'd like me to make an effort to fill in the gaps, let me know what I need to do in terms of standards and uploading.
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    One item or particular interest is found on P. 6 (P. 7 in the PDF pagination), second-to-last graf, in which the good Mgr. opines that the psalm verses should NOT be forced "into the rigid Gregorian psalm formula and verse structure, but should delineate the meaning of the different verses", [therefore] the psalm should be sung by "the schola or a soloist."

    An excellent thought!!