RSCM or Pueri Cantores
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    Hello! I'm re-starting a Treble Choir (grades 3-8) at my parish and am weighing the pros and cons of joining RSCM, Pueri Cantores, or both. Input and perspective is appreciated!
  • bonniebede
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    Pueri cantores is great, especially in the united states.

    RCSM may be useful, but note it is Anglican, an uses only modern notation. this may or may not suit your purposes.

    You can also check out
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    It is my belief that the two groups are not in competition. While RSCM is Anglican in it orientation, it can easily be adapted for RC usage. Also, RSCM is about motivation and developing a knowledge base for the singer. And 4 line notation can easily be brought into the mix.

    Pueri Cantores is about celebrating and singing together. The emphasis on festivals and group singing is a wonderful outlet and can be used to encourage group dynamics, singing with others and common repertory. It is also about exposing kids to the breadth of the tradition. My kids went to Rome in 2006 and were amazed at the depth of choirs from all over the world.

    So I do not see these two groups in opposition. It all depends on what you want to do. I was somewhat distressed to hear at the colloquium this year not very much about RSCM. I think it provides for many of us a system easily managed for those who do not run choir schools or have long-standing programs. Check out the big book called VOICE FOR LIFE and see how you might use it. Then check out the awards system (ribbons and medals).

    Good luck in you program.
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    Jeffrey Morse had great success starting kids off with Ward and moving into RSCM in time (as he doesn’t fully agree with the Ward interpretation of chant). But, YMMV.
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    I attended the biggest RSCM in America summer thing a few years ago - the King's College Course in Wilkes-Barre.

    such anglican
    very episcopal
    many protestant

    My overall impression was great music and very little liturgical sense.
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