Selling Octavos and Scores?
  • Hildegard
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    I apologize for asking so many questions on here recently, but you all have been such a great resource.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for how to sell unused octavos and scores? There are a few things in our library I'm quite confident we won't use again and I'd like to make some room (and some money for the music program while I'm at it).

  • Basically, the market value of a box of modern sheet music is about the same as a box of old newspaper. No reseller will pay you anything for it. However, a great deal of sheet music is listed on eBay, and you might be able to package up your stuff in a way that generates some interest. Have to balance the amount of effort involved against the potential returns.
  • melofluentmelofluent
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    Arthur's correct. If some pieces have merit, donate them to a school or a church director with discretion. There's no profit to be had.
    Ergo, leave the collection for your successor to assess.
  • SalieriSalieri
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    OTH, depending on what it is, it could serve well to start a bonfire or line a parrot cage. YMMV
  • francis
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    Give Title, Composer, Publisher please.
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    Salieri, folks did that a lot in the 1970s, and I wish they hadn't.
  • ghmus7
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    Do you have a fireplace?
  • JPike1028
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    You can put them up in the classifieds on It might get you a bite.