Aurora lucis rutilat - Lassus
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    Kathy Pluth recently posted her wonderful translation of Aurora lucis rutilat at the Chant Cafe. It is already known in English via J.M. Neale's translation "Light's glittering morn", but Kathy's translation of six stanzas of the original eleven is worthy of consideration by those singing (or composing) office hymns.

    On a different note(!), and of interest also, is the 10vv setting by Orlandus Lassus, as well as his Magnificat (8th tone) on the same text. The score for the a10 setting is available at CPDL. Both of these works are favorites of mine. Here are videos of performances of these works (two for the a10 setting, one for the Magnificat setting).

    Aurora lucis rutilat a10 (Lassus), a cappella voices:

    Magnificat octavi toni super Aurora lucis rutilat (Lassus):

    Aurora lucis rutilat a10 (Lassus), voices, corenetti and sackbuts:

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    Lassus 2, Pluth 1
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    Click on the blue "at CPDL" link in my post. But here it is again, in case you missed it. That's for the 10vv setting. Alas, I don't have a score for the Magnificat setting.
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    Thanks for the shoutout, Chuck :)