Psalm and Gospel Acclamation on Weekdays : rubric
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    So when preparing to sing Masses during Easter Week (solemn ferial days, one reading before the Gospel, but with the Gloria and also with the Sequence) I noticed this rubric in the Graduale, which is also in the Ordo Cantus Missae, to the effect that: when there is only one reading before the Gospel, then choose between the responsorial gradual and the alleluia verse (for which in Easter time "either Alleluia" can be used).

    To me this seems to not at all to encompass what I take to be normal weekday practice, namely: sing the Responsorial psalm, then immediately sing the Gospel Acclamation with Alleluia or Praise to You Lord according to season. (Which is what we did, of course.)

    Is this (cf Graduale Romanum, p 10 praenotandum #9) an obscure ignored rubric, or am I just misunderstanding something?
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    The document which approved the OCM treats it as binding for Masses celebrated in Latin. for other cases, the GIRM would override it.
  • Richard, I think the GIRM and the OCM are consonant on this matter:
    63. When there is only one reading before the Gospel:
    a) during a time of year when the Alleluia is prescribed, either an Alleluia Psalm or the Responsorial Psalm followed by the Alleluia with its verse may be used;
    b) during a time of year when the Alleluia is not foreseen, either the Psalm and the Verse before the Gospel or the Psalm alone may be used;
    c) the Alleluia or the Verse before the Gospel, if not sung, may be omitted.
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  • Andrew, you are correct: This is an obscure, ignored rubric.