Fourth Sunday in Advent: "Rorate" and others
  • Pes
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    Wonderful chants coming up this week.

    Introit. I just learned something at lunch today about "Rorate caeli." It seems that in all these early European manuscript sources of chant, there exists something like a German dialect. That is, tenth and eleventh centuries, the consistency of chant melodies all across Europe was indeed truly amazing, but the Germans, for some reason, had some tiny consistent differences. One of them comes out in Rorate: in the incipit, some Germans would not sing the te (b-flat) but rather a do. Try it. The effect is interesting. I think this change also applies to the te in "nubes," but I'd have to do a little digging to check.
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    Correct: this was called the "Teutonic" dialect --- the Teutonic DO (and FA).

    Our Vatican edition sometimes adopts this reading, and the effect is very beautiful.